FAQ libertine

Below we’ve tried to answer some of the questions you may have. If you can’t find the answer to what your looking for then please do Request a Call Back and we’d be happy to contact you direct… sometimes it’s easier to talk.

What is Swinging?

Swinging(or lifestyle) is recreational /social sex between consenting couples.
Couples are attracted to the swinging scene for a variety of reasons- listed below are just a few reasons why.
(i) To improve and enhance their own relationship
(ii) As a way of exploring their sexual fantasies
(iii) Making new friends- friendships forged are often deep and long lasting.
Many people believe that couples who play together, stay together!

What sort of couples holiday at Chalet Libertin?

We welcome all couples whether married or not, and over 21 years old. We assume that partners have fully discussed a lifestyle holiday with each other before booking.

Are singles allowed?

Only single women are allowed on the condition that she is with a couple. The single lady will be expected to share a room with the couple and will be charged a discounted rate.

Do we have to be experienced swingers(lifestylers) to book a holiday at Chalet Libertine?
No, we welcome all couples, whether experienced or beginners. Our chalet holiday offers an erotic and social environment where like- minded couples meet, develop friendships and possibly more.
Those new to swinging could log on to our message board and communicate with other couples wishing to chat or arrange to meet.
The main attraction of Chalet Libertin is that we offer an alternative holiday for couples that would like to add some excitement to their relationship.

Do we have to swing with other couples?

Absolutely not! There is no pressure on any couple. You are on holiday to enjoy yourself, and should not do anything you are not comfortable with. All swingers understand the international rule that NO means exactly that. Some couples just enjoy the erotic atmosphere and don’t necessarily want to swing.

What is the average age of guests?

We welcome couples of all ages. The average age is between 30-50 years.

What about confidentiality?

Your name, address and personal details are treated with the strictest confidence and we do not disclose our clients details to anyone, ever.

Are smokers welcome?

Yes, smokers are welcome and are allowed to smoke in designated areas of the chalet, so as not to offend our non-smoking guests.

Is there a dress code?

Although there is no particular dress code, we encourage our guests to participate in our optional theme nights at dinner. Ladies are encouraged to pack sexy outfits for the evening and men in smart/casual wear or ‘dare to bare’

We don’t speak French, will that be a problem?

At Chalet Libertin, English is the predominant language. However, some of our guests come from all over Europe. Tony speaks French and will translate as and when required.

Please e-mail or telephone us if you have any other questions.